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Why Us?

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Family Owned and Local
  • Service both commercial and residential
  • Sealing helps to prevent erosion, color fading, and stains
  • Extend the life of your exterior pavers & bricks
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Boost Curb Appeal

With skilled technicians and the greatest cleaning solutions, your house will look brand new and stay clean longer.

We are a local company that is passionate about serving the our neighbors and keeping the neighborhood clean.

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We do the work, so our customers don't have to. This saves them time and energy with high-quality services.

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The Paver Sealing Experts

  1. Starts with a thorough cleaning of the paver block focusing on removing the moss and algae from the failed joint sand and hydro scrubbing the tops of the pavers. In this process we use a robust surface cleaner that will eradicate any mold spores and pull dirt and algae to the surface so it can be safely washed away.
  2. Applying the highest quality of polymeric sand to the joints. We recommend polymeric sand solely because of the polymers in the sand that will allow it to turn into a concrete in between the pavers, not allowing any growth to grow between the block. depending on the colors of the pavers will predict what color of sand we use; black, tan, or grey.
  3. To "seal the deal" we will apply our concrete seal that is specialty made to enhance to color of the pavers. A joint stabilizer and anti fungal additive will ensure no weeds shall come up through the patio.

Our Process to Sealing Your Pavers

  • Protect your hardscape investments by regularly sanding and sealing your patio, driveway, front path, fire pit or retaining walls.
  • UV rays and humid air/rain cause stones to break down and erode, and colors start to fade.
  • Sealing your pavers is like putting a fresh coat of wax on your car.
  • Just like the wax on your car, paver sealing forms a barrier, locking out harmful moisture and UV rays.
  • Unfortunately, just like the wax on your car – sealers will wear away.
  • Heavy rain, sunlight and even foot or automobile traffic, will wear the sealer over time, no longer protecting your investments.
  • The best way to protect your pavers is by routinely cleaning and resealing every 2-3 years.

Why Seal Your Pavers?

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Also get your house, roof, and concrete washed!

House Power Washing with our Soft Wash Cleaning Method

  • Our soft wash technique keeps water from being forced behind the siding which can lead to serious damage in the future.
  • The soft wash method is safe (and efficient) for cleaning stucco and bricks.
  • Think of the pressure being as soft as your shower!

Our Roof Soft Wash Cleaning Process is gentle, yet removes moss, algae (black stains), and environmental dirt.

  • We never use high pressure water on the roof, but our softwash process makes it look new again!
  • The black streaks are gone the same day and the moss and lichens are killed in the process.
  • Moss on your roof can cut the lifespan of your roof forcing you to replace it sooner than you have to.

Let us revive your property to look new again!

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Vinnie was efficient, friendly and professional. He was responsive to our questions and did a great job on the house. He made it easy for payment since he did the job when we were not home. Highly recommend.

Extremely pleased with the work done by Premier Power Cleaning. Communications were great, they arrived on schedule and the results are great (especially our roof!). Would highly recommend using this company.

Our siding had awful moss on it. Now it looks like a brand new house. Great work, reasonable prices, good to deal with, and a perfect match for people with wells (they don’t use your water). We’ll be return customers for sure.

Tricia C.

Chuck G.

Phil B.

Happy Customers!

Gutter Cleaning

The biggest thing standing between your property and water damage is your gutters.

When working properly, they deflect water away from your foundation, so rainfall doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of your home.

If your gutters become clogged with buildup, they can no longer perform.

What we do:

  • Remove of all gutter debris (shingles, weeds, leaves, twigs, sand, etc.)
  • Flush all gutters to check for proper water flow
  • Flush all downspouts to check for proper drainage
  • Clean up all debris and remove it from your property

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We service Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

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